Friday, September 26, 2008

Darkness Springs

The thrill of shocking and captivating a reader is almost as big a turn-on as stroking cool leather on a warm thigh.” - Cassandra Lee

Do you ever wonder where horror authors come from, I think I know. Imagine sitting in your mother's favorite rocking chair while watching Chiller Thriller Theater in the great white north, Manitoba Canada and realizing that horror soothe the winter chills. 

But wait there’s more, from her college days studying journalism, to lead singer for a rock band, and keeping journals between all those gigs, Cassandra Lee has a writing style of frank reality with the gift of keeping it relaxed.

The novel I had the honor of previewing is Darkness Springs, with Shelby McDonald a fifteen year old boy vacationing with his family in the crisp mountain air of Banff, Alberta. As in all good horror stories you have to have a love interest, Debbie Foster, and what happens to them is gripping.

There is something that has overrun the Hot Springs cave that will scare the pants off you, I mean I had to go back and re-read a section that, well for lack of a better term, gave me shrinkage, quite literally. Cassie’s descriptive detail of the anguish, horror and impalement to a victim in her novel was exceptional. What lurks in the slimy walls of shadowy caves and in the endless chasm of the darkness will haunt you... I’m never going in a cave again!

Cassandra Lee is the author of Darkness Springs and The Raising (Blu Phi'er Publishing). Other works include her novella in the anthology Gifts of the Flesh slated for release December 2008 (Blu Phi'er Publishing) She has also contributed to the following anthologies: Concrete Blood, Tabloid Purposes IV, Word Weavers Anthology, Darkened Horizons, Diabolic Tales II and Cadaver Girls Magazine.

This is her first novel, and I'll be looking for the name Cassandra Lee with genuine interest, there is more on the way. 

Norman Applegate

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