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The true events that inspired Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October


 A Cold War Thriller

This was David's first venture into the non-fiction world, with all the action, drama and intrigue it reads like one of his bestselling novels. With his Air Force background and understanding of terrorism, David Hagberg captured the history, frustrations and naval culture of the Soviet Union, and the events of it's officers leading up to the cold war mutiny.  

Aboard the antisubmarine warship the FFG Storozhevoy in the fall of 1975, Mutiny is a firsthand account that anyone interested in the Soviet system or life aboard one of its ships should read. Written with senior lieutenant Boris Gindin whose offering is insightful, heartwarming, and heroic, triggers questions of how his life in the USA compares to his years in the Soviet Union.  

The story itself, is the life of Boris Gindin who at the age of seventeen in 1967, enters the St. Petersburg Military Engineering Academy to build a career in the soviet navy, and rises through the ranks to become a senior officer when most of the crew of the Storozhevoy mutiny. Life in Russia is bleak, harsh and difficult, but Hagberg and Gindin bring it to life as they build the the events of this important story. There is a rewarding account of the most famous mutiny in naval history aboard the HMS Bounty in 1789, where David summarizes the events concisely in just a few pages. 

Confined belowdeck, the captain, officers and Gindin survive the attack of the soviet navy and air force who are ordered to hunt down and kill the warship. In the end the KGB execute the officer who was behind the mutiny, arrest everyone, even the officers who opposed the mutiny, and are forced to swear secrecy on pain of death if they told their story.

Thirty-two years later Boris Gindin and David Hagberg tell the truth, the record has been set straight.  

DAVID HAGBERG has published more than seventy novels of suspense, including the bestselling JOSHUA'S HAMMER, SOLDIER of GOD, and ALLAH'S SCORPION.

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