Monday, June 22, 2009

Sacrifice Screams of Gripping Horror

There is nothing better in horror than a seductively murdering woman that gets painted into your grey matter with vivid pictures that only John Everson can deliver, four-inch stiletto-heeled boots merged seamlessly into a glossy black bodysuit and arm-length vinyl gloves that showed every flow of flesh and muscle beneath.

Sacrifice, has terrific characters, well developed, and likable even when they are bringing an axe down on their parents shin bones, with blood spraying, bones cracking and splinters flying, you still like this murdering teenage girl named Alex. Or how about a husband, with his hands buried in his wife’s belly and pulling gnarly strands of fist-thick intestine out of her.

This is a modern horror of ghosts, demons, sadistic spirits, and one woman’s dedication to unleashing the Curburide...they’re coming!

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